Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat Review

Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat Review

If you are in a dilemma as to which baby car seat to buy then the answer is simple! Buy the Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX seat and you will not regret it. This car seat is an innovative product which will save you a small fortune. A baby or child can travel safely in the Evenflo until they weigh 65lbs so this seat is certainly going to last you for years. The concept behind the seat is that babies weighing between 5 and 40 lbs should be placed in the seat with it rear facing for optimum comfort, and then once your child grows; the seat can be made forward facing. The forward facing position can be used from your child weighing 20lbs until they are 65lbs.

The Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX seat is reasonably priced compared to similar types of travel systems so is ideal if you are on a tight budget as you will only have to buy the one car seat. It comes with different features than other car seats such as a tension knob which is located at the side of the chair. By turning the knob with your hand you can easily control the tightness of the harness. The harness itself has a 65lbs harness weight rating which makes it suitable to use all the way through your baby’s development. Unlike most other car seats, the Evenflo has the advantage of having a multiple position recline feature for ultimate comfort.

The Evenflo triumph 65 DLX seat comes equipped with an extra foam seat cushion which makes it the most comfortable ride ever! This is because the foam is made from energy absorbing foam and so mimics the effect of a mattress. This makes it ideal for longer trips as baby can easily drop off to sleep. Also if the baby has a dirty diaper the comfortable cushion detracts from the diaper discomfort so you can finish your journey before changing the baby. This is a very convenient point as nobody likes hearing their baby screaming with discomfort while they are trying to negotiate busy traffic!

The infant head support pillow and the covers are all easily removable and fully washable although it is recommended that you use a delicate cycle on your machine to prolong the quality. The support pillow is so well designed that your child’s delicate head will not flop forward when the car is moving and because the Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat is slightly higher than comparable models, your child can see out of the window while he or she is travelling. This is a bonus with older children as they tend to be nosy and the view keeps them occupied!

The specs of ‘Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat, Lincoln’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Evenflo
  • Product Dimensions: 28.1×22.1×20.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 23.6 pounds

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this car seat. The loosening mechanism is so good that you are able to remove a sleeping baby without disturbing them. The seat is also a little wider than other car seats so children can play with their toys to while away the time on longer journeys. The seat also comes with a drinking cup holder which conveniently folds away when not in use.

Like most baby equipment (especially folding down a stroller) this car seat does take a little practice but once you have got in to the habit it is super easy to use. It is very easy to install and comes with a step by step picture guide which is very straightforward. We’ve listed a few pros and cons for your convenience:


  • Excellent safety ratings
  • Will last a long time
  • Will save you money
  • Offers the ultimate experience in comfort
  • Has multiple recline positioning


  • The buckle can seem fiddly until you are used to it
  • Because it is a little wider, an extra back seat passenger may be a little cramped.
  • The buckle does not always make a reassuring clicking noise although it is definitely fastened.

The Evenflo Triumph 65 DLX Seat has been designed and manufactured to an extremely high standard and features impressive innovative design features as well as safety. A leading consumer magazine rated it the best car seat and gave it five stars. It really is a ‘no-brainer’ whether to buy this car seat! It has been classed as meeting or exceeding federal safety standards and it even exceeds Evenflo’s own side impact standard. If you want to be stress free when you are driving safe in the knowledge that your baby is safe from harm then look no further than the Evenflo!

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